17 minute workout to raise Testosterone

Brief and intense strength training (assuming you are cleared by your doctor to do it) is the cornerstone of a program to fix low testosterone levels naturally, and improve symptoms like fatigue, fat gain, and low sex drive.

This simple workout, which I did in my basement this morning, can be tweaked to suit your needs. But here is it:

  • 10 Kettlebell Swings, 10 Dumbbell Presses, 5 Pull-Ups.
  • Do as many rounds of the above in 7 minutes
  • 3 minute break
  • Repeat 10 Kettlebell Swings, 10 Dumbbell Presses, 5 Pull-Ups for 7 more minutes.

This particular workout hits every muscles in your body, and will send your heart rate through the roof. This trains pretty much every thing you want to for raising T levels in just 17 minutes. You can sub pushups for dumbbell presses. You can use a band with handles for rows if you don’t have a pull up bar. You can sub burpees or body-weight squats for the swings. You get the idea, right?

Raise your T with intense intervals.

My buddy Mike and I rode some steep hill intervals in Sedalia, Colorado this past Sunday. While we happen to love riding mountain bikes, it takes a little work to love riding up steep hills. You kind of need to convince yourself that pushing hard is fun.

But the truth is, this type of intensity is important for guys as they get older. Most of us rarely do anything that’s physically intense anymore. But letting that red-line stuff go is what starts the drop in testosterone that a lot of guys experience as they move into their 40s.

So right now, you need to think of some kind of exercise that you’d enjoy doing intensely, even though it kind of feels like it sucks when you’re doing it – whether it’s heavy lifting, riding a mountain bike up hill, a steep hike, even driving golf balls (you need to try to hit them far). These things will help you fix your low T naturally.

Cookies and Low T: The silent sex drive killer.

“Toss my cookies?”


“Doc, say it ain’t so.”

This tough conversation that I had with Ron yesterday was for his own good. Ron’s a 54-year-old who came to me for natural help with Low T. He went to one of those medical centers that wants $10,000 a years for hormone injections every 2 weeks.

The first thing we looked at was Ron’s diet. He was eating a hell of a lot of bread, cookies and pasta. “I can’t imagine life without those things,” he told me.

Many guys have trouble with wheat- the main ingredient in most breads, cookies and pastas. The wheat contains a protein called gluten that a lot of guys have trouble processing in their guts, even though they might not know it.

This gluten problem causes inflammation in the gut, and inflammation is a type of stress on the body. The stress shoots the stress hormone cortisol sky high, and can lower Testosterone or T over time. This will inevitably lead to a guy losing his sex drive.

So one of the simplest ways to start fixing your low T naturally is cut wheat out of your diet. No bread, no cookies, no pasta. I tell my guy patients to give it 60 days. This usually is enough time for them to see 10 pounds drop off without trying. Then they notice they feel better. Along with the rest of the program, they start to feel like a younger version of themselves again. So if your T is low, or your sex drive is low, I can probably help you fix it naturally. But be prepared to toss your cookies!

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Guys over 40 – 3 foods that will cause a low sex drive (and drop your T)

1. Soy, of any kind. Guys should never eat soy, not drink soy milk eat tofu or any other kind of soy. Why? Well, soy contains compounds that mimic estrogen. This can drop T levels, and literally push you down the path of becoming more womanly.
2. Sugar at night. Fat makes estrogen. And nothing makes you fat like sugar at night. Any kind of ice cream, cookies, whatever after dinner is going straight to your gut and turning on your more feminine side. Keep your T high by just saying no. If you’re hungry after dinner you probably didn’t eat enough meat.
3. Friggin’ fruit smoothies.These things are just a ton of sugar, too much sugar again makes fat. Fat makes estrogen and this can lower your T. If you have one of those power blenders at home, try blending up some vegetables and choke them down like a man.
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Is a bug in your gut causing your low sex drive??

When Phil (name changed) first came to see me for his most troubling symptom of low T- Low Sex Drive, he certainly didn’t think his stomach could have anything to do with it.

He had tried a Testosterone shot, and among other side effects, it shrunk his testicles(!). So he was looking for a natural approach. He basically just wanted me to give hm some supplements. But that approach doesn’t really fix anything. We start with tests.

Since Phil noted that he had trouble with acid reflux, and was taking medication that wasn’t really getting rid of the problem. So in addition to running our usual Stress Hormone and Testosterone lab test, with Phil we also ran a test that looks for digestive infection.

Phil’s stress hormones, were out of balance – cortisol was high and DHEA was low, which explained why his energy levels are low, and were the likely reason his T has dropped. But what was causing the high cortisol?

In addition to a high-stress job, a bad diet, and a troubled teenage son, Phil’s digestive panel came back with a bug (a bacterial infection) – H. Pylori.

H. Pylori is the bacterial infection that can cause ulcers and even stomach cancer. But one of the less discussed problems with H. Pylori is that causes inflammatory stress in the stomach, and this can drive cortisol levels up. Phil chose an herbal program to kill off the H. Pylori, and simultaneously worked with me to re-balance his hormones. We changed his diet, got him lifting again, helped him get help for the teenage daughter, and worked on his sleep.

Within about 6 months he reported that his sex drive was back. He’d lost 14 pounds and quit taking the medication for the reflux. Turned out a hidden infection in his stomach was the stressor that drove his hormones over the edge.




Shorter duration and higher intensity can help fix your low T

As a 47-year-old guy, I know that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. One common misconception I hear often is the idea that lots of endurance training is good for you. For guys over 40, this isn’t necessarily true.

Prolonged endurance training, like long bike rides, will tend to raise cortisol levels and lower testosterone levels.

When I ride, I prefer shorter duration and higher intensity rides (usually 1-2 hours at the most). This window is enough to provide a training stimulus without creating too much stress on the body.

We frequently help over-trained endurance athletes who’ve lost their sex drive and are dealing with fatigue. The problem, which may be hard to believe, is too much exercise. So the first thing we need to do is dial these guys back, get them into the gym to lift some weights, and teach them that after 40, for most guys less is more.

How does stress lower testosterone levels?


It’s very simple. Both cortisol (the body’s primary stress hormone) and testosterone are derived from a hormone called pregnenolone. If you have a bunch of different stressors wearing you down, your body will use the available pregnenolone to make cortisol instead of testosterone. The result is a fat, fatigued, irritable guy who doesn’t have the interest in sex that he once did. But this can be fixed- naturally.