After I realized that chronic “functional” training was screwing up my hormones (cortisol too high, testosterone borderline low) I dialed things back. While the functional zealots will scream that arm training isn’t functional (a term almost never defined BTW), I call bullshit. You use your arms every day- doing real life things, like lifting very heavy tomato plants, controlling a mountain down a steep slope, carrying a whiny toddler who refuses to walk, or staying in the top position of a push-up for a long time 🙂.

Bringing an “Arm Day” back into your training mix gives you a break from intensity while still allowing you to train and get stronger. My favorite arm day:

3 biceps and 3 triceps specific exercises. 4 sets each.
Rep scheme 15, 10, 5, 5, obviously increasing the weight each set.

Barbell Curls (biceps)
Supinating Dumbbell Curls (biceps)
Barbell Skull Crushers (Triceps)
Dumbbell kickbacks (Triceps)
Alternating sets Hammer curls (bi) / Cable or tubing push downs (tris). 15 hammer curls, 15 cable pushes, 10 hammers, 10 cables, etc.

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